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Review: The Silver Chest

The Silver Chest - Natashiah Jansen

Mark is a serious young man who has studied all his life and will soon qualify as a dentist. But he knows he has a long way to go before he earns enough to keep Isis, his college sweetheart, and the girl he wants to marry, in the comfort to which she has been accustomed all her life.

Isis comes from an extremely wealthy family, whereas Mark comes from a humble agricultural background. His father died when he was very young and he was brought up by his mother who has scrimped and saved from the takings of her modest sewing shop to give her son a good education and the chance of a respectable career. But in Egypt, money and status count for everything and without them Mark doesn’t stand a chance of marrying Isis.

Isis is being pressurized by her ambitious brother to marry into another wealthy Egyptian family, and Mark is desperate. He knows he must somehow find enough money to be able to ask for Isis’s hand, and although he is close to being qualified, he has been turned down by every hospital and clinic he has applied to. He turns to his close friend, George, for advice. George suggests that they try and find a priceless book of the dead which has been missing for years, and Mark, clutching at straws, agrees. Their careful planning and consultation with experts, pays off and to their amazement the two friends find their treasure in an old silver chest. It looks as if they will both be able to realize their dreams. But will moderation overcome greed?

Their discovery is not at all what the young men expected. Their lives are turned upside-down by strange events, which threaten to spiral out of control. George is beset by emotional problems, which overwhelm him and Mark is dismayed to find out more about his family than he cares to know. Why did his grandfather disappear so suddenly and how did his father really die?

Will Mark find a way to extricate himself and his friend from an impossible situation, and will he find the means to realize his dream of marrying the girl he loves?

If you're a fan of Jani Kay, Jessica Sorensen or Adrianne Brooks then you'll love Natashiah Jansen and Zhu Hsia's another paranormal fantasy book too. This book is not only for the young adult, but it is also for the new adult that likes some adventure coupled with paranormal fantasy elements.

Don’t miss Natashian Jansen & Zhu Hsia’s other paranormal love story, Poison's Heart, also set in romantic Egypt. They are published by KONG Publishing House, who is well known for its list of suspense, thrillers, cop/drama, romance, action & adventure, paranormal romances and sci-fi thrillers.


This short book is an amazing read that will keep you hanging by your fingertips and biting your fingernails!